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          Need help paying for your tuition and fees? Investigate these options to see if you qualify. Also, consider 奖学金和奖项.


          学生可以访问 csces funding towards tuition, books and supplies. To complete the process required to determine eligibility, contact a local csces office before applying for admission.


          The 死者老兵教育援助法案孩子 provides fees and monthly allowances for approved educational programs for children of veterans whose deaths were attributable to military service.

          联系最近的地区办事处 退伍军人事务加拿大.


          As a Sask Polytech student, you can now fund school fees by converting Aeroplan® Miles through hig这里dpoints.com. Convert 35,000 Aeroplan® Miles and you receive $250 worth of credits at SASK理工. You can also convert the Aeroplan® Miles of family members and friends to help pay for school.

          Anyone can donate their points to an individual student, or directly to SASK理工 为有需要的学生。

          有关详细信息,并建立一个帐户,请访问: www.hig这里dpoints.com.


          These bursaries are intended to provide short-term financial assistance to students of Indigenous ancestry. Indigenous ancestry includes Indian, Metis and Inuit. These bursaries are valued up to $500.

          Basic education students and apprenticeship students are not eligible for this bursary.

          应用 (PDF)



          了解更多有关 退伍军人的教育和培训的好处.


          找出的是新的 学生贷款一年2019-20 and the supports available for Indigenous students, students with disabilities and adult learners.


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          You can estimate your eligibility for a full-time or part-time student loan by following the procedure below.

        • 如果你正在服用的继续教育课程,你可以使用 在线估计工具 或计数之间的日历周数你 最早 课程开始日期和您的 最新 course end date in the semester, to determine the total number of weeks that you are in training for the semester.
        • 注意: If you have a break in study of 3 weeks or more, at any point during the academic year, you may not be eligible for a student loan.

          Example:   If your registered courses total 12 credit units and your weeks of training total 12, you may be considered full-time.

          联系 注册服务 确认您的全职或兼职的学生贷款资格。


          Student loan application forms for the current year, for both full-time and part-time assistance, are available from www.saskatchewan.ca/studentloans


          The National 助学贷款 Service Centre offers a specialized webinar for students. To learn about repayments, ask questions, and gain clarification, simply click 这里 to register and join a session using your computer or mobile device.

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